Friday, May 27, 2016

District Donuts and Sliders - New Orleans, LA

District Donuts and Sliders has beautiful small burgers.
Donuts and Sliders are fabulous at the aptly named District Donuts and Sliders on busy Magazine Street in New Orleans. We joked that when we were in New Orleans for three days that we needed a second lunch every day to get to try as much of the great food as possible. This place is just the ticket.  

The line forms early here with as many people getting the massive donuts as getting the diminutive burgers. We ordered one beef slider with cheese ($2.75) only and another with everything and bacon ($3.75). The sliders have 2.5 ounces of beef. Sauce like French dressing and crisp pickles. The dehydrated poppy seed bun sits soft and squishy to hold the juicy, medium rare and flavorful patty. Yum. Perfect for a second lunch. We also got the Pork Belly Slider for $4.50, excellent, but the burger was better.
The Waffle Fries are hot and salty at District Donuts and Sliders in New Orleans. 

After I saw the waffle fries ($2.75) I wished I had gotten them too. By that time the line was huge. I asked the chef if I could order from the bar. Yes. Grant the a manager hooked me up. It was worth the wait. They were salty and hot. 

The best part was the great vibe and happy helpful crew. The place bubbled with a positive vibe. With the manager actually plating the food, the quality here was very high. 

Hamburger Slider 4.5 spatulas out of 5
Waffle Fries 4 spatulas 

District Donuts and Sliders
2209 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
The donuts are bigger than the burgers and District Donuts and Sldiers


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