Friday, July 15, 2016

Belcampo Burger at the Yard - San Francisco, CA

The Belcampo Fast Burger is a burger masterpiece right by the Giants Ballpark and goes great with an Anchorsteam beer.
Nothing beats a great burger with a beer on a summer day at Belcampo Burger at the Yard in San Francisco. Just this season Belcampo Meats opened this burger stand at the Yard next to McCovey cove at the Giants Ballpark in San Francisco. No one seems to realize they can get one of the best burgers in San Francisco even on days where the Giants aren't playing. 

The Belcampo Double Fastburger ($9), is a very tasty and fresh concoction. Two 3.5 oz nicely peppered patties of their pasture raised organic beef lay the foundation. American cheese between and on top oozes everywhere. Fresh butter lettuce, tomato and red onion sit atop. The potato bun is soft but holds together. The ketchup Aoli is the perfect sauce. You can't get a better fast food style burger in SF. 
Belcampo Burger at the Yard is Empty on Non Game days. 

I recommend splurging and adding the bacon. Even at $4 it is exquisite with the right amount of smoke and crispness. Gluten free buns and lettuce wraps are available. 

One more note, Belcampo uses beef from the animals raised organically on grass on their farms in Gazelle, CA. So the meat is exquisite. 

I paired my burger with a California Lager ($7) from Anchor steam right next door. Jimi Hendrix and Smashing Pimpkins played while we ate. If they only had wine too, my wife would think it was perfect.

Even though there was no Giants game a lively Cornhole tournament was underway. 
Thick Cut Fries from Belcampo at the Yard

Fries are thick cut. Hot but a little soggy. Nicely salted and tasty. Make sure you try their special house-made ketchup. 

Burger 5 spatulas our of 5
Fries 4 spatulas

Belcampo Burger
The Yard 
100 Terry Francois Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94158
Belcampo Burger at the Yard- No waiting on non-game days. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ledlow - Los Angeles, CA

The magnificent tower of a burger at Ledlow in downtown Los Angeles.
Ledlow in downtown Los Angeles fires up an exquisite burger. Not a burger joint, but a very nice restaurant, Ludlow impresses with this magnificent concoction.

We love eating in downtown Los Angeles and have enjoyed the other restaurants in the Ludlow family like Baco Mercat and Bar Ama. So when I ordered the 8 ounce double burger ($16), I did so with high expectations. They also offer a triple 12 ounce burger. 

The burger boasts a toasted poppy-seed bun. The spicey garlic aoli mayo sauce is yummy and combines nicely with American cheese. The burger had the right amount or Lettuce, but a little too much raw onion for my taste. There were tasty pickles as well. The bacon added a smokey note. The two beef patties were thick and juicy - cooked medium well. They burst with a nice griddled peppery flavor. 
High ceilings and space create a nice atmosphere for burger munching at Ludlow in Los Angeles.

The fries were steak-sized with dill and salt. Hot and yummy. Not mealy in the middle like a lot of big fries.   
Make sure if you go to have the Parkerhouse rolls before the burger as an appetizer.  

Burger 4.5 spatulas our of 5
Fries 4 spatulas

400 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Big Jud's - Boise Idaho

The Bacon Cheeseburger at Big Jud's in Boise, Idaho is a nice looking stack. 
Big Jud’s has the best burger in Boise, Idaho according to Yelp and a few other sites. Me and fellow burger seeker John decided to swing by and give it a try. On a Friday evening it was packed. The board featured the 1 pound and 2 pound burger challenges, where you ate either with a similar amount of fries in 30 minutes and got a t-shirt (for the 2-pound) and your picture on the wall. Of course Adam Richmond  had been there and taken the 2-pound challenge. 

But how was the normal burger? I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger ($6.49) from our very friendly server. John had the Bacon Burger. We also ordered Small Fries ($2.49) and Onion Rings ($2.79). We sat and looked around the restaurant as we waited for our food. The tables are steel-topped and the seats red naugahyde. It is a fast-food-style place that is a step up with the table service. Very nice. 
Big Jud's Fries are thick and filling

The burger arrived with ketchup, mustard, pickle chips, onion, tomato and green leaf lettuce. I got the onions grilled. The griddled patty weighs 1/3 pound. Add a second patty for $2.50. The burger presented very well. Since it sat on a plate, unwrapped, it isn’t smashed down. The toasted white bun was lovely. Bacon practically snapped when you ate it, very crisp. Lettuce and tomato tasted fresh. American cheese melted artfully. Everything was really perfect, except for the patty itself. Mine was overcooked and a little dry. Not terribly flavorful, but everything else saved it. 

The fries were very thick with skins on, hot, but a little soggy. Get the special fry sauce with your order. It is kind of like a french dressing and makes a good dip. My favorite thing was the onion rings. Lightly battered and piping hot, they were crisp and delicious with a sweet onion on the inside. 

As we were leaving people at the table next to use received the 1-pound burger. As big as a pie pan with a knife sticking in the center, the bun alone would make it a challenge to eat in 30 minutes. With the massive fries, I don’t think I could do it. 
The massive bun for the 1-pound burger at Big Jud's in Boise, Idaho

Is Big Jud’s the best burger in Boise? Maybe. I will have to try others to be sure. But I enjoyed the visit. And loved the vibe.

Burger 3.5 spatulas out of 5
Fries 2.5 spatulas
Onion Rings 4 spatulas

Big Jud’s
1289 South Protest Road
Boise, ID 83706

The rules for the 1-pound and 2-pound burger challenges at Big Jud's in Boise, Idaho.