Monday, March 9, 2009

Bob's Giant Hamburgers - Pleasanton, CA

Bob's Giant Hamburgers in Pleasanton, CA is an old school burger stand set on a corner near downtown. I was there at 3 in the afternoon one Friday and was the only burger guy. A steady stream of soft-serve ice cream customers kept them busy.

As I sat in the clean dining room, I noted how blue it all was. Blue tables. Blue floor. Photos of old cars that covered the walls. They had faded to blue as old color photos are inclined to do.

The cheeseburger ($4.55), fries ($1.85) and onion rings ($2.75) were all hot and served up fast. The onion rings were my favorite. They were battered and thin. Crispy and tasty and unique without any old grease taste I often get in these kinds of places. The fries were hot, salty, medium-think, skins-free and served in a big white paper bag.
The burger itself was a thin patty served pink and hot. There was ample shredded lettuce, an onion slice, tomato slice and American cheese melted on top. The thousand-island-style sauce was thinly applied to the toasted sesame bun and lost in the pile of vegetables. It was a pretty good classic-style burger.
As I was leaving, I got a chocolate shake ($3.40) for the road. It was interesting seeing it prepared on the "Electrofreeze" machines. First syrup and milk were poured into a Styrofoam cup. It was topped off with chocolate soft-serve. The cup was inserted under a mechanical stirrer that mixed the whole concoction. After all that, it tasted like chocolate soft-serve. I think I prefer the Hamilton Beach method with scoops of ice cream.

Burger 3 spatulas out of 5
Fries 3 spatulas
Onion Rings 3.5 spatulas
Milk Shake 2 spatulas

Bob's Giant Hamburgers
4223 First St.
Pleasanton, CA 94566

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The burgers and the onion rings look so tempting.

You shoull post your intresting article and reviews on the bizymoms Pleasanton community.