Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tighten the Belt, Loosen The Belt

Johnny at alerted me to a nice article about tasty designer burgers that I might be interested in. I read the article outlining recipes for a Smokin' Meat Burger and Hot Wings Burger among others and agreed. So if you are tightening your belt in these hard economic times, try one of these at home. Then after you eat, loosen the belt back up to make some room.


Anonymous said...

Hi there... Believe it or not, i'm posting from Palma of Mallorca (Baleric Islands SPAIN).
I was cruising around the net, gathering information, for a new place I'm about to open here in mallorca, and landed in your blog, which i must say looks great, need not to say i feel a bit of envy, for being able to taste so many great burgers, fries, rings, etc...
Any way to make a long story short, i would greatly apreciate some advice and expert opinion regarding burgers and practicly everything surrounding the burger story as far a to be able to offer an oficial american meal in good conditions, to europeans
If your interested let me know. This is my e-mail

Scott R. Kline said...

Be glad to give advice for an American style burger. I recently had a burger in Bilbao and it was awful. Bland meat, basically flavorless.

Here is what I would do to get the most common, classic American burger.

1. Make sure the beef is ground chuck. Freshly ground each day. Preferably naturally raised or grass fed.
2. Make sure you serve it on a white enrighed bun. Not a brioche, or roll or other type of bread.
3. Make the patty between 1/3 and 1/2 pound pre-cooked weight.
4. Use swiss or american cheese.
5. Serve with fresh tomato and lettuce on the side.
6. Thousand Island Dressing for Sauce or if not then offer, mustard, mayo and ketchup.
7. Offer grilled sweet onions sliced very thin.
8. Don't overcook. Medium is best.

Good ;luck and send me a story and photo when you are done. I will put it on my blog!

Hoosier Burger Boy