Friday, November 7, 2008

Green Hamburger?

Is their such a thing as a green hamburger? Recently I was involved in launching a line of cubicles that are green. I never thought I would say that. So why not a green hamburger?

Looking on google for a green hamburger doesn't yield much. There is an article on that looks into the carbon footprint of a burger. It is not pretty. To put this in perspective, the average American eats three hamburgers per week! That produces enough carbon as more than 7,500 S.U.V.s.

Much of this is due to the feed produced to raise a pound of beef. Also, the 600 liters of methane per day that a cow belches is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas according to Thomas Freidman in "Hot, Flat and Crowded", his excellent book on the coming green revolution.

But like the green cube, I am committed to either finding or creating a green burger. Certainly grass-fed locally produced beef is a start. Burger Joint and Burger Meister in San Francisco move in this direction with "naturally fed" beef from local sources. I reviewed Burger Joint and reviewed Burger Meister previously. But naturally fed probably also means grain fed. So I will be keeping an eye out for grass fed, locally grown beef. We will see if it tastes as good and if it costs anywhere near a traditionally produced burger.

If you know of any green burgers, let me know. We will continue our search for the World's Best Burger.



lisa said...

Hi Hoosier Burger Boy: I am curious what your criteria is for reviewing burgers. Does a restaurant having 100% grass-fed beef make a difference? Of course, once a burger is submerged with lots of stuff, it's hard to tell how the beef tastes? We sell 100% grass fed beef. We would be happy to have you try our ground beef and tell us what you think. Contact me at

By the way, our burgers are at Zeitgeist and Connecticut Yankee. Probably not as fancy as some of the place you have reviewed, but, folks like our beef.

james said...

That is a fascinating subject! Creativity has no boundaries when it comes to inventive culinary concepts, such as a green burger. Similar to how fantasy ghostwriters craft inventive tales, chefs may produce cutting-edge meals that astonish and please. There are countless options available to you, both on the plate and on paper!