Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Village Pub - Woodside, CA

The Village Pub is a very popular upscale restaurant in Woodside. Like Buck’s, it is an institution in Woodside. But it is very high end and expensive. Fortunately, the food usually justifies the expense. It is also a fabulous room to dine in.

There are white table clothes on the tables in the main dining area. Dark burgundy velvet chairs and booths add a touch of elegance. The service is very attentive and better than most higher-end restaurants on the peninsula. They also have a great bar - well stocked with good scotches and other fine spirits.

On a recent trip to the Woodside Pub for dinner, I observed a couple both happily noshing burgers and fries, while the rest of us stuffed shirts were eating Crispy Sweetbreads and Potato Crusted Striped Bass. I inquired as to the burger’s quality. They replied that they dined here often and only ate the burger. It was fantastic.

Never to let a good burger go untested, I decided to drop by at lunch soon after. I sat at one of the round marble-topped side tables in the bar. The service, as usual, was spot on. I ordered the Pub Burger with French Fries ($12). I asked it to be prepared medium and added white cheddar per the waiter’s suggestion.

The burger appeared before I had finished even one article in my New York Times. Even before I tried the burger, I had to snag a fry. They came stacked in a metal cup. Hot, salty, light and crisp, they were nearly perfect. They were cut medium thick and skinless. Yum.

Next I turned my attention to the burger. It came accompanied with many wonderful accoutrements. There were slices of baby tomatoes, romaine lettuce, pickle slivers and pesto mayo. I especially liked the pickled onion strings. They were purple like they had been soaked in beat juice, but tasted sweet like candy. I added the mayo and the onions to my burger.

The cheese was artfully melted and the burger prepared to a perfect medium. The bun, a curious heavy kind of bread, was not my favorite. It almost reminded me of a gourmet English muffin, but it detracted somewhat from the experience. The beef was flavorful, with out too much seasoning. I liked the burger, but it didn’t rock my world.

I guess I was a little disappointed after the ravings of my dinnertime acquaintances, but I could say I had fantastic fries accompanied by a good burger. Combining that all with the great ambiance, I recommend a trip to the Village Pub.

Burger 3.5 spatulas out of 5
Fries 5 spatulas

Village Pub
2967 Woodside Road
Woodside, CA


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Balboa burger at Balboa Cafe in SF, on Fillmore Street 1 block south of Lombard.

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