Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tied House - Mountain View, CA

Tied House in Mountain View turned out to be a nice surprise. I typed “best burger Mountain View” into google on my iPhone. Clarke’s came up about 10 times, In-N-Out twice, my blog once and then “Tied House”. I have always said the food at brew-pubs is an after thought. Large portions do not necessarily make a good meal. This one seems to care a little more about the food. Although I have eaten at Tied House many times, I never tried the burger. I should have.

The menu sports a Wild Game Burger that rotates between buffalo, venison, elk and ostrich. That day was buffalo. I have had buffalo before and don’t prefer it to straight beef. My server, Patrick, recommended the Roasted Garlic Burger, I added bleu cheese ($9.50). The burgers are made of 1/2 pound of ground chuck. There is a garlic aioli and red onion crisps. The burger was a little over-cooked but with a tasty charcoally crust. I gave it a 3.5 spatulas out of 5.

The $9.50 included half and half of onion rings and fries. The o-rings were medium-thick and battered. 3 spatulas. The fries were medium-thick, coated and cold. 2 spatulas.

The Tied House is a lively place in an old warehouse type building. There are flat screens playing sports and the service was excellent. If you are looking for a good art-house brew and a burger, this could be your place.

Burger 3.5
Onion Rings 3
French Fries 2

Tied House
954 Villa Street
Mountain View, CA 94041

Another location in San Jose.

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