Friday, August 24, 2007

Malibu Grill - San Jose, CA

Malibu Grill in San Jose came recommended by a waiter at another location where I had tried a burger. His wife had done an extensive survey of South Bay burgers and found it to be the best burger. In my search to date, that isn't saying much. I have yet to try a truly fantastic burger south of Palo Alto. So I was very excited to make the trek south and try out the burger.

Tucked into the corner of a small strip center on Camden Avenue, Malibu Grill is very unassuming, almost hidden. Walking in though, it is a lively large place - clean and busting with plasma screens beaming sports to all corners of the bar. On a weekday, the hard-core sports fanatics weren't in attendance. Instead, there were several families and some construction workers, happily munching away.

I stepped to the counter and ordered a Sirloin Burger with Blue Cheese ($8.95). It came with fries and a pickle. I ordered a half-order of onion rings ($4.95 for a full order). The person taking the order said "15 to 20 minutes". I was kind of surprised looking around since they weren't that busy.

I sat down at one of the clean and well-kept tables and awaited my feast. In less than ten minutes I had my food. "Under promise, over deliver." a business mentor often said.

The burger came topped with copious amounts of luscious looking grilled onions and blue cheese. I forgot to ask, but it had to be a half-pound at least. The first bite was anticlimactic. The burger was a little overcooked and not juicy at all. I have always thought that chuck is better than sirloin for burgers as the extra fat adds to the juiciness and flavor. I give the burger a 2.5 spatulas out of 5.

The fries we medium thick, with just the right amount of salt and pepper. They were piping hot and quite good. 3.5. The onion rings were medium sized onion slices battered. They were a little soggy and tepid. 2 spatulas.

Still looking for my holy grail of a great burger in the South Bay, I appeal to other burger buddies for suggestions.

Burger 2.5 spatulas out of 5
Fries 2 spatulas
Onion Rings 3.5 spatulas

Malibu Grill
5735 Camden Ave.
San Jose, CA 95124

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