Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Momo's San Francisco Grill - San Francisco, CA

Momo's is a popular premium restaurant near PacBell Park in San Francisco. Generally higher end fair, they specialize in classic American food like ribs, cobb salads and fish. The atmosphere is fun and the service attentive and polite. I had eaten here several times before and found the food quite good, but had not tried the burger.

I tried the 1/3 pound bacon cheeseburger ($15) which came with a choice of swiss or chedder cheese. I chose swiss. Huge amounts of lettuce, tomato and pickles accompanied the burger on the side. I left them off. The burger is from fresh beef and was cooked medium as requested. Mayo, mustard and ketchup came on the side. I added the mayo. The burger was served on ciabatta bread, which I found a little to chewy and too much work to bite through. The bacon was crisp the way it should be. The burger overall was bland. There was no spicing in the meat or the sauce. It was supposed to be flame-broiled, but didn't have much flavor in that regard either.

In summary, even though the burger was made from fresh ingredients seemingly with great care, it lacked distinctiveness and flavor. At $15, I expect a little more.

The fries were coated, sort of like you would get at Carl's Jr. Not very good.

Burger 3 Spatulas (Out of 5)
Fries 2

Momo's San Francisco Grill
760 Second Street
San Francisco, CA

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