Saturday, March 24, 2007

Johnny Rockets - Redwood City, CA

Johnny Rockets been a favorite of mine for years. I have been taking my daughter to this one almost every Saturday for close to ten years. The decor is a reproduction of a 50s diner. The staff wear the faux military hats that used to be worn at drive-in restaurants. The menu is bursting with burgers. All the burgers are made from fresh beef. The half-pound balls of raw hamburger are smashed down on the griddle with a spatula to begin the cooking. The white buns are baked and brought in fresh each day. All the fixings are fresh too.

My favorite burger is the St. Louis. It has grilled onions, bacon and a spicy mustard sauce. The standard St. Louis comes with pickle and lettuce which I leave off. The burger is served wrapped in paper, to keep the whole juicy mess from falling apart too soon. The hamburger is flavorful and balanced beautifully with the sauce and onions. It is almost perfect and is consistently good every time I go.

Also, get the half-and-half of onion rings and fries. The fries are medium thick and always served very hot. They are unadorned with no seasonings beyond salt and are just the way fries should be - crisp, hot and golden. The onion rings are a single ring of medium thickness. Crispy and hot. Great when dipped in the provided ranch dressing. Don't miss the shakes either which are made from fresh milk and ice cream. I like the peanut butter chocolate.

Burger 4.5 Spatulas (out of 5)
Fires 4
Onion rings 4
Milk Shake 4

Johnny Rockets
Sequoia Station
1111 El Camino Real
Redwood City, CA 94063


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