Sunday, September 13, 2015

Volta Gastro - Berlin, Germany

The Volta Burger cuts a handsome figure with its tasty onion ring stacked on top. 
Volta Gastro in the Wedding district of Berlin elicits many questions. Is it an old train station? Old Jack in the Box? (They have a menu item called Jack in the Box.)  Turns out it was a bakery. We took the long taxi ride to the remote Wedding district for a taste of the burger touted by a recent New York Times article. We were treated to annoying German rap music - too loud - and service typical of the "German Service Desert”, as alone local called it.  

But we Americans love our burgers and we ordered none-the-less. The Volta burger is €13 with fries, a pretty steep price.  The burger arrived as an impressive looking stack. The patty was large - probably 6 ounces. Ground loosely and not overpacked, the beef was rather bland, but juicy. Savory mushrooms added nice flavor. The greens were spinach mixed with bbq sauce and mayo giving it an unusual note. Cheddar cheese melted in nicely. A fresh tomato slice made an appearance.  The Kaiser bun was toasted and held up well. The onion ring on top was the best thing - a crispy sweet ring of yum. 

Shoestrings fries with skins were hot, but limp and not impressive

In the end, I enjoyed the burger. Our initial aloof server was replaced with a charming young british woman and things ended on an up note. One other thing, they have full cocktails and the Dark and Stormy was pretty good with the burger. 

Burger 3 our of 5 spatulas
Fries 2 spatulas

Volta Gastro
Brunnenstra├če 73
Berlin, Germany
0176 77 55 64 22

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