Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Apple Pan - Los Angeles, CA

Apple Pan in Los Angeles is a well-known and long-standing burger institution. Pat, my wife, had read about it as a rival with Father's Office for the premier burger in L.A. Pat and I hoofed it over from our hotel in Westwood about two miles to Pico Blvd. Who says nobody walks in L.A.?

The place is nothing if not authentic. I mean, the chairs, the floor, the doors, even our waiter who had worked there 44 years was original material. I was licking my chops to try the Hickory Burger ($5.50), a recipe purported on the menu to be from 1945. We also ordered the French Fries ($2.45) and Pat had a Combination, ham and cheese, ($7.50) sandwich.

The fries and ham sandwich came out to the counter almost immediately. When my burger came out a few seconds later, it was placed in my hand by the cook, wrapped neatly in white paper.

The burger was obviously hot. It had a little more lettuce on it than I like. The quarter-pound patty was nicely cooked and did its best to stand out against the mayo, hickory sauce. There were also pickle chips. The white bun was nicely grilled. But the whole thing wasn't that impressive to me. Except for the hickory sauce which was basically smokey ketchup, it wasn't that unique.

The fries were hot and thin. A little greasy but crisp. Also not spectacular. Pat liked her ham sandwich which was piled high with ham they make right there.

We had to try some apple pie ($5.50) which our waiter nicely split for us on two plates. I liked it, Pat was indifferent.

I really wanted to fall in love with the charming little relic of a restaurant, but in the end, I found the burger to be good, not great. The restaurant itself though, is worth a visit and is a lot of fun.

Burger 3.5 spatulas out of 5
Fries 3 spatulas

Apple Pan
10801 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064


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