Wednesday, July 18, 2007

JZ Cool Eatery - Menlo Park, CA

I have eaten at JZ Cool many times. Usually the cobb salad. It is a granola munching nirvana with organic this and natural that. Low impact, locally grown seasonal produce is stressed. My wife and I stopped by for lunch and noticed a lot of changes. More of a fixed menu. More sandwiches. Screaming my name was the grass fed burger with braised onions and aioli ($9). My wife got the roast pork sandwich with arugula and tomato pear chutney. There are no milkshakes or fries. I considered an organic root beer. But any root beer that looks like Sprite won't work for me.

The burger came out cooked medium to perfection. It sat on panini. The aioli was perfect with the burger. The beef was tasty and juicy. I loved it. 4 spatulas out of 5.

Now if I can just get Ms. Cool to fry up some organic O-rings and Fries and a grass-fed milk shake, I might eat nowhere else.

JZ Cool Eatery
827 Santa Cruz Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025